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for Industrial and Medical Applications

AIMA Developpement is designing, building and testing new cost effective cyclotrons and dedicated beam lines for various medical and industrial applications since 2005.


AIMA expertise stems from the cyclotron laboratory of the Centre Antoine Lacassagne (CAL), that designed and built MEDICYC, the first hospital-based cyclotron facility in France for protontherapy. For more than 33 years, MEDICYC has successfully treated more than 9000 patients. 

From 2009 to 2012, AIMA Developpement developped a new superconducting synchrocyclotron (S2C2™) for high energy (230 MeV) protontherapy of deep seated tumors. This conceptual design was adopted by the IBA Company, a world leading manufacturer of medical accelerators for protontherapy.

The prototype of the S2C2™ is installed in the Institut Méditerranéen de Protonthérapie (IMPT) of the Centre Antoine Lacassagne. Both MEDICYC and the S2C2™ are providing a world leading facility for the development of protontherapy. A dedicated R&D beam line has also been designed by AIMA.

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