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CST studio suite
External Source Design
External Ion source test

Innovative cyclotron design is the core expertise of AIMA:

- Dedicated software tools

- Construction of specific subsystems

- Test benches for ion sources and injection systems


Over the years, AIMA Developpement has served most leading accelerator manufacturing companies.

Ion sources design & injection test bench

AIMA has designed and built two types of ion sources

  • Compact high brightness multicusp ion sources for negative (H- and D-) and positive (H+ and H2+) ions production

  • Penning Ion Gauge (PIG) cold cathodes internal ion sources for positive ions production


In order to characterize and optimize innovative injection layouts, AIMA has built up an injection test bench. This bench is based on a large gap magnet (pole diameter 750 mm) with an axial bore allowing testing of both horizontal and axial devices. It allows testing of both internal PIG types sources and bigger (ECR or multicusp) external sources.



Cyclotron designs

Beam dynamics, magnetostatic, radiofrequency

AIMA developped its expertise by designing many cyclotrons of various performances spanning few MeV for radioisotopes production, high energy 230 MeV protontherapy machines, very high power Megawatts cyclotrons (1 GeV-12 mA) driving industrial applications such as nuclear waste transmutation.

Today AIMA uses its large proprietary library of dedicated cyclotron 6D-beam dynamics sofware tools to design innovative cyclotrons.

As a R&D oriented company AIMA has made preliminary engineering studies of various cyclotron subsystems, such as magnets and typical RF-cavities.

As a recent  example, AIMA has made preliminary engineering studies of the RF-line and rotating capacitor of the new Superconducting Synchrocyclotron (S2C2™) for IBA.

Engineering studies

AIMA & CAL Staff

A cooperation contract between the Cyclotron Laboratory of the Centre Antoine Lacassagne, the Nice Cancer Center  and AIMA ensures an efficient collaboration for various cyclotron engineering studies. 

Beam lines

Optics proprietary codes

AIMA has designed and optimized the fixed beam line of the 230 MeV protontherapy S2C2™ of the Centre Antoine Lacassagne in Nice capable of spot scanning.

Beam interaction with matter

Treatment simulation, radioprotection issues

AIMA has developed many tools to model interaction with matter. 

  • Limited activation of parts requiring maintenance 

  • Radioprotection design

  • Dose deposition in particle therapy treatments

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